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Sell Plastic Apron

  • Country Origin
    : Indonesia
  • Price
    : IDR
  • Description
    : Plastic Apron
  • Last Updated
    : 03 Jan 2013

Product Specification Sell Plastic Apron

Dyes And Paints Can Be Messy. Make Your Life Easier. Use 'Em A Few Times And Then Toss 'Em. Priced Perfectly For Group Projects. Adult Sized, Can Be Easily Modified With A Few Rubber Bands To Fit Kids.

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Company Information Prima Dinamika

Company Name : Prima Dinamika
Company Details :

Address : LTC Glodok Lt.SB Blok C1 No.16Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.127 Jakarta Barat
Jakarta , Indonesia
Phone :
Fax :
Year Of Establishment : 2012
We Sell : Suplier Alat Safety,Sepatu Safety,Kacamata Safety
About : Safety Equipment Centre, We Are General Supplier Here Distributor And Stores That Sell Various Purposes For Personal Protection And Safety Equipment Lainnya.Kami Nor Also Sell In Wholesale Retail
Who Is Available For A Company Like Seeking Safety Equipment Wearpack American Drill, Drill Wearpack Japan, Wearpack Cotton, Nomex, Msa Helmets, Helmet Protector, Local Helmets, Eye King 'S, Leopard Glasses, Glasses Cig, Safeguard Glasses, Glasses Goggles, Welding Gogles , Maskr Mask, Mask 3M Cloth Mask, Mask Muzzle Np 305, Np 306 Muzzle Mask, Full Face Masks, Lalin Petite, Lalin Grease, Security Vest, Vest Net, Vest Many Pockets, Vest Polyster, Chest Leather Apron, Apron Leather Sleeve , Cold Storage Jacket, P3k Bag, Box P3k, Axio Raincoat, Raincoat Safe Guard, Alpina Raincoat, Raincoat Abri Poncho, Cotton Gloves, Cotton Gloves Doting, Welding Glove, Combination, Atunas, Life Jacket Prc , Life Jacket Lalizas, Immersion Suit Lalizas, Bw Gas Detector, Fire Tubes, King Shoes' S Shoes, Bata Industrial Shoes, Cheetah Shoes, Krusher Shoes, Optima Shoes, Ap Boot, Boot Wing On, Boot Petrova, Boot Wayna Inyati, Flag K3, Windshock, Mask Welding, Baricade Tape, Life Jacket Lights, Traffic Cone Plastic, Rubber Traffic Cone, Cone Stick, Ring Buoy, Pdh Uniforms, Uniform Pdl, Pdh Shoes, Footwear Etc Pdl

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Contact Details

  • Branch Jakarta
  • Address:
  • LTC Glodok Lt.SB Blok C1 No.16Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.127, Jakarta Barat
    Jakarta , Indonesia
  • Phone :
  • Fax :